Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30th

This week:

WE BAPTIZED!!!!!! haha the baptism was awesome! it was one of the most spiritual baptisms of my mission! it was awesome. Her name is Karine!

Other than that, not much happened. We had an elders quorum activity on the Thursday because it was a holiday, and for the first time it two years, I played tennis! haha it was so bad, but I had a lot of fun. I needed that. There was a barbecue, ping pong, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. We tried to leave after a while, but the bishop didn't let us because he knew we were having a good time and helping people have a  good time as well.

Also, remember last month when the secretary called me and told me what day I was going home? Well that happened to my companion this week, so he got pretty homesick as well haha. Its the same conversations ever day at lunch about how much time we have on the mission, and stuff like that. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monday, May 2nd. May 9th and May 16th


May 2nd 

This week was interesting. Everyone is already saying good bye to me, because I will be transferred to another area the last 6 weeks of my mission. Even though transfers are still next week, I am already missing this area and the people A LOT. Its getting really hard. I'm going to get transferred to a new city just to get to know new members and investigators for a month, then I go home. I really hope I get transferred and stay within the same zone, specifically the same city. But we will see in a week. 

I don't know what happened, but  it looks like a cold front came through Brazil and now winter is here to stay! its so weird waking up the last week of April and putting on sweaters because its so cold. But I think its better to do contacts and work in the cold. We didn't teach that much this week, but that doesn't mean we didn't try! We ran after all of the appointments we had, but no one could stay true to the appointment! it was rough, but Saturday made up for it. we had a few great lessons on Saturday morning, and they promised to go to church next week. We will teach them again Wednesday morning. 

The secretary for the mission called me this week and told me that now i'm officially going home. I will land in RDU 10:25 am on the 21st. I will get the itinerary for you in the next few weeks. 


Love elder Moss

May 9th

Yeah my companion wanted to meet you guys, but there will be other chances to do that. 

I did get transfered. Do you remember a long time ago I served in Monte Mor? It was in the zone Hortolandia. Well, Im going back to the zone, but different ward. I went to a ward called Anhanguera. Ive heard some REALLY good things about that ward. Serveral of missionaries that are known as baptizers did a lot of good work in that city.  I hope I have the same luck

Im not going to lie, I really enjoyed seeing you guys, but it was different. It wasnt just the "hey the missions good, I hope you guys are well" but more of a "hey Im coming home soon,  what do I do now?" My companion and I joke around a lot like we plan our whole lives  around going on a mission, and when the mission is ending, we are like chickens with their heads cut off, just trying to f igure our what to do next haha. 

Well  My next companion is also an american, and I have already lived in the same house as him in the past. The time should go by fast and we should get along pretty well. 

I'm going to really miss this ward. It was here where I had the most success, and had the best relationships with the members. I know I want to come back in a year, but this city will always have a place with me. 

The girl that we wanted to get baptized this Sunday couldn't, but she wanted us to know that  this doesn't mean that shes giving up or quitting. Just that we need to prepare her more. I will keep in contact with both of them.

Love, Elder Moss

Oh yeah mom can you change my facebook profile picture and the background picture to something from the mission? a lot of people have been giving me a hard time about them haha

May 16th

Haha that sounds really busy. I was thinking about the mission, and realizing that honestly, we only have one thing to stress about, and people in the real world have many.. that's something I have to prepare my self for.

Do you remember that baptism fell through last weekend? Well I saw elder Arnson again at the meeting with Elder Holland, and he said that she will be baptized this Saturday.... which is great! 

I don't know If I told you guys, but we had a mission meeting with Elder Holland (Second time in the mission, first one being in the CTM). It was really good. The speakers were President Costa who is the area president of Brazil, Elder and Sister Manes, who is of the Presidency of the Seventy, and Elder Holland. He talked about obedience and about blessings of serving a full time mission, he also talked a lot about the book of Mormon and the importance of it in our missionary work. 

My new area is great too! Its a shame that I only have 5 more weeks to try and baptize here. We marked two baptisms this week with investigators that are already being taught for next Saturday the 28th, and we are trying to run after new investigators to baptize some others in June before I go home. My comp and I are doing great, and we are excited to keep working together. Lunches are funny because people start talking about how little time my comp has left on the mission (he goes home in August) and then ask me how much time I have on the mission, and I respond that I'm going home next month.

Anyways, Things are great all in all here, 

Love Elder Moss!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

February 15th

This week was good. We didn't really have very many new investigators, but we had some good experiences with investigators that we already have. 

There's a girl named Fabiana. Shes 21 and we've been teaching her for 3 weeks now. When we first taught her, she didnt really want messages about Jesus. She didnt sound that interested, and we weren't going to return, but she said at the very end "I hope that my life will change because it needs to". We went back and stopped teaching, and just started talking to her about her life, what she wants to change, and this week she went to stake conference. She felt the spirit really strong and said after that she wanted to be baptized. Its been a while since I felt so happy about an  investigator. She has changed so much and is just a happier person. 

This week it was pretty hot, so I started using the sun screen again and I got some aloe vera for after. This week should be hot as well, but its getting better. Its been a little chilly in the mornings. 

Today I start my last 18 weeks. Three transfers left. Out of the 104 to start with, I have 18 weeks left. The time is going by so fast. I am happy to go home, but at the same time, I am sad to end the mission. It has been an experience that has changed absolutely who I am. Its hard to tell over email, but I have learned so much about people, the Gospel, and my own life. Im nervous for after the mission. I have 4 months left, but still.  Elder Portilho goes home next week and I'm talking to him so I have been kind of trunky. 

Love Elder Moss

Monday, April 4th

So for a few days we were just doing contacts and teaching all of our lessons with 3 missionaries. Its a little harder because people are already a little shaky about letting two guys into their house, let a lone 3. Well we had a few lessons, but the best part of the week was definitely conference weekend. Because we had 6 investigators who went to conference.

The first was a family of 5. For the past few weeks we have been teaching them and they have been really progressing. Well they didn't go to the part that we thought they were going to, but they showed up for the second session on Saturday. They really liked the importance of the family and the talks about resolving doubts about the restoration. After the session, we went to the baptismal font and invited them to be baptized, and before I could even ask them, they said that they want to take that step! they accepted for this week, so on Saturday, we are going to baptize a family of 5!! I am so excited. 

The second investigator was a guy who is our age. He speaks English, and its really cool how we started teaching him. He said they day we met him, he has said a prayer to ask for guidance in his life and the day we went by his house was his birthday.. He is doing really well. The problem we will have with him will be his parents because they are really strong in another church, but it shouldn't be too bad. We have already taught them and talked to them enough and they really like us. 

We just had transfers, and I will stay with elder Arnson for one more (at least)!! We were one of the only companionships in the mission leadership that wasn't messed with. I'm so excited because I know that if we keep working like we did last transfer we will baptize so much!

Love Elder Moss

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22nd

Haha! Yeah scout camp could sound like fun just for a few days. 

Well, this week we had transfers and my companion left. My new companion will be Elder Arnson! I already know him from other zones. I'm excited because we are already pretty good friends. I'm pumped for this next transfer. 

This week was okay. We got a decent amount of contacts, and we taught a lot. We had a baptism marked for Sunday, and it was kind of washy all week and so we didn't have a definite answer to whether he would be baptized or not. He is 10 years old and his parents are going through some really rough times. His brother just got sentenced and is involved in a homicide of 2 people. That's hard on his mom especially. The baptism didn't end up happening because the mom backed out and said at the last minute that she doesn't want her kid to be baptized this weekend.  He wants to be baptized though, and this next week we will  work and talk to the family a little more.

Our 21 year old investigator, went to church again. We found out this week that she is having difficulties with cigarettes. We made goals for her to slow down to a point where she can stop, and its going pretty well! We invited her to church again, and she said she feels insecure because she doesn't have appropriate clothes for church. I told her not to worry, and that If she goes to church borrowing her aunt's clothes for just one more Sunday, God will see her effort and help her out. Well, in my head, we were going to talk to the relief society pres. and ask for help, maybe some pants and a dress or something.

 Well, we get to church, and a member her age comes up to her and gives her a little gift bag. At the end of church I ask her what was in it, and she said in kind of a laughing tone, a dress. That was a really cool experience for me and for her:   that sometimes we don't think we have the means to follow and keep a commandment. But God sees our effort and recompenses us when we do our part. 

Have a great week!
 Love Elder Moss

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 8th

Haha I saw all of the Panther shirts! I want one too! But I wouldn't use it until after the mission. Because they lost, they will probably be cheaper now.

We did end up celebrating my birthday! It was great! We went to Açai on monday, and a member surprised me with a birthday cake on tuesday. I don't even remember telling her it was my birthday. So that meant a lot. I am really bad at getting photos to you guys. I will try to take some more and actually send them this week. 

The lunches here are complicated because The city is huge, and its divided in two parts: The center and the east side. The center is where I work and it has maybe 5 members. The east side has All of the members. The divide the lunches so we don't have to travel that far every day to eat lunch, but its complicated because few members are giving lunch every day. It stresses the members some times, and my companion kind of messed up last week with dis-marking a lunch that we should have gone to. So we are trying to fix things. But I'm still gaining weight. I am at like 65 kilos now! 

Tomorrow we have interviews with president. I'm excited because its my last interview with him before the final interview (the weekend I go home) and my zone is working so hard. This week, our small zone of 7 companionships have 10 baptisms promised and one possible. Its going to be huge because our goal for the entire month is 12. And this week is stake conference, so all of them will be baptized together in one big baptismal service. 

The only thing that we need to worry about with diseases is Dangue. Its still going strong but its dying down a little bit. I haven't gotten it yet, so I'm feeling less worried than others. 

Love Elder Moss

February 1st

Thanks mom! We ate a little bit of cake last night, but today we will eat pizza. 

This week we worked a lot. 
I have pictures to send,but There not ready.Illsend themlater today. 

This week I saw a ferarri 430. It was beautiful. I kind yelled at it when It drove by, and it slowed down to a walking pace, then sped off.. That was a cool experience.

Then we saw it at a gas station and we talked to the owner for a little while. 

On Friday night, we went to the activity at the church which was a ´´iron rod.´´ People were blind folded, and we had ropes tied in the hallways that led to different rooms, which represented the different kingdoms. Then the 4 missionaries walked beside people whispering  in their ears convincing them to go to certain rooms (depending if you were a good angel or a bad one) That was actually pretty spiritual experience. 4 out of 20 people went to the celestial kingdom.

Its just been hot here. Really hot. No snow. But we have had some success with new investigators. We taught a few new people this week that seemed pretty interested. We will go back this next week to see how they are doing.

Love Elder Moss

January 25th

Yeah, a few days ago, we went to go get açaí which is like ice cream, and the news was passing with this giant snow storm crossing the entire east coast. They talked alot about New York and New Jersey, but I was thinking "hey maybe the family wont have school!" And I forgot this was dads first time being able to use the 4 wheel drive in the new expedition. I'm sure it was nice. 

Yeah that snow board was mine a long time ago, and after trying out real snowboarding, its a lot of fun. Just the first two or 3 days hurts a lot because your rear end spends a lot of time on the ground. 

Last p day, we had to go to the court house because my comp had to sign some official paper work to get a package from his house in Chile, and we saw some people waving at us to go talk to them. They started speaking Portuguese, but after a minute they said that they are from Utah, close to where Jordan lives, in Bountiful. They are Brazilian doing some official paper work, and so the wife took a picture of me and sent it to you! We saw them at church, then ate lunch with them at the stake prez house. They are good friends. They just left to go back to Utah yesterday. 

The Broadcast was really good! It had like 3 or 4 general authorities, and they talked a lot about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It was a great training about how we cant look at investigators as objects that we need to throw in the water, but as people we are trying to help to change their lives. Baptism is a part of true repentance, not the other way around. 

This week we taught a ton of people, and were able to have 3 at church! two teenagers and one 22 year old. All guys. They liked it, and in fact, the 22 year old was asked if he was going to be baptized and he said not today but he will in a little bit. It was cool. He is actually one of the funniest investigators I've taught. I told him that my birthday was next Sunday, and he started singing happy birthday, but with the words Merry Christmas because he confused them. I started laughing so hard and so did he when he realized it. Then he asked me how do you laugh in English. At that point I couldn't control my self. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. 

Today we have our first pday with our zone! Its actually going to be really cool. We rented this place with volley ball courts and basketball, and we are going to have a giant barbecue afterwords. 

Love Elder Moss

January 18th

No theres not anything that I can think off right now that I would like or need... but thanks!

My week was pretty good! The area here is huge and so I walked a lot, but besides that, lots of new changes from my old area to my new.

We live alone, so instead of 4 its just us two. and we live in the guest house of the stake president. He is awesome, always asking us if he can help wiht anything. The people in this city are much more receptive than in my last. We were able to have a few new investigators. We are making friendships with alot of people, and I can already see that we are going to have success here! 

I think the Santa Barbara in Cali is cooler than this one. This one is small, but its still decent sized. Its not near the beach, and doesn't have a lot of site seeing  or touristy stuff.

I took a few pictures, but I cant seem to send them. Ill see what I can do..

This next week we have a conference with president, and on Wednesday we have a missionary conference with Elder Oaks. He will to a satellite transmission to the entire world. 

There are many members here that are friends to the missionaries, and I think that my birthday will be celebrated so I'm excited about that!

Love Elder Moss

Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 4th & 10th

January 4, 2016
This week was good. There were even less people at home, so the only thing note worthy to say this week was about the barbeque that we had on new years. It was sick! 

 Tomorrow we have a counsel for the leadership on the mission, and I was invited. We are going to have the training in the morning, and after lunch everyone is going to play basketball for the rest of the day. Its going to be awesome.  President told me yesterday that there are going to be a lot of changes this transfer, so lets see what happens with the transfer next week. I'll keep you informed. 

Love Elder Moss

January 10, 2016
This week was transfer week, and I was transferred! I left good ole Piracicaba and I'm going to a city called Santa Barbara. Its near the city called Americana. I will be a zone leader there!! I know my new companion and its going to be a fun transfer!

Any ways, this week was okay. Nothing really notable. We had the leadership council this week at presidentes house from 9-12, then until 5 we had like a second p day and we played a ton of volleyball with president. My team won everything. We were unstoppable! haha It was a lot of fun. Then, I got a weird headache and throat ache. it was pretty rought for the first two or three days, but the medicine I took helped a lot. I also had a brazilian method tried on me. We passed by this one family and she told us that it helps if you put potatoes on your forehead to get ride of a headache and fever. It worked a little bit... But Ill try to send some pictures with potatoes on my head. We taught three new investigators and it was a really good lesson--- the way we taught was really good this time. 

I realized this morning that I only have 4 more transfers on my mission. One ends in feb, then in april, then may, then june... Its going by so fast. I hope that I am able to stay as happy as possible and have some awesome experiences. 

Love Elder Moss