Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 22nd

The conference sounds awesome! Elder Soares is Jordan Kendall's uncle!
This week was sooo good!
To start off, I got a new companion. his name is elder Augusto, (his first name is Caesar) and he is from Sao Paulo. He has been out for 1 year and 5 months, and he is so cool. He's the bomb. Maybe not all that, but I'm so excited to be companions with him, because we have a lot of the same views and perspectives about the gospel, he loves to talk, and he is fun to be around. It was awesome this week. 

I'm a lot happier now and seeing a lot more potential in my efficiency as a missionary. I'm learning so much and trusting the spirit a lot with what we teach and what I say. 

This week we will be working a lot, and learning too. Its kind of funny because we were trained by the same missionary, so we have funny stores and we just start talking all the time.

I hope this next week is as good  as this last week was, and I hope Robert gets better! Try to stay warm in  the cold weather!

Love Elder Moss

February 15th

This week I taught more lessons on my mission than I ever had, 40! We taught 40 lessons this week. Our numbers were really good. 
 Well we did get our transfer, and I will be staying in the same area, bu my companion was transferred to be a district leader in some other zone, and I am staying as a junior companion to someone else that was trained by the same missionary that trained me. I know him a little and he is really cool and enthusiastic, so I really hope that this transfer is fun and awesome.

Sorry I'm emailing so late, this week is carnival (which is absolutely grotesque) and so the only  internet cafe in the city was closed. Our last resort was using the only computer in the secretaries office, and unfortunately I'm the last person to use it. haha I got the short straw. 

Thanks for the positive thinking grammy!

 Elder Moss

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb. 9th

Hahahahaha When You said tubing, my mind automatically went to white water tubing. This week was so hot, I forgot that its winter there!

This week we have been working alot. Its getting really easy to make contacts with people on the street. I usually just give them a pass along card and judge from their attitude or the spirit if I should ask for their address. That has been working out pretty well the past couple of days. 

We have had some rough luck with some of our investigators, and really good luck with others. We have been working with a few families, And one of them told us that they are moving, so we won't get to baptize them, and the other family has been going to a young life sort of deal, but for older people, and instead of a general christian belief, its organized by a specific church here in the city. So this next week we have some work on our hands.

 This other investigator, we invited to be baptized this week and she accepted. We are going to her house tonight for dinner, and we are bringing this married couple that are members to share their testimony about baptism.

 We have a couple of inactive families that are really nice that we are working with. We had a really spiritual lesson about the plan of salvation last night with them, their extended family, and friends. There were a lot of people, from a lot of different churches that believed a lot of things differently. But when they would speak, we would just read scriptures out of the bible, and the inactive family would speak up and say to their friends ´´nope, that's not how it is. The elders are reading out of the bible and explaining everything. just listen´´
 I got goose bumps, because I had never heard this family talk about the gospel very much, or even show interest in coming back to church. At the end the dad said that he wants to start coming back, and explained why they left the church. They said that when they were preparing to go to the temple, a friend of theirs, who is a pastor, started telling them that what they were doing was wrong and of the devil. Anyway, they said that they lost a lot of faith, and they want it back. My goal is to get them to go to church, have the dad baptized his two kids, and have that family sealed in the temple. 

On Tuesday, I got a box from Grammy Diane, and I got some letters! 

 Happy valentines day mom :)

I will continue working and praying for strength in this heat. Hopefully it will start cooling down. 

Until Next week, 
Love Elder Moss :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2nd

The surprise birthday party was good! I did not make the cake, but it was a coconut and pineapple cake. It was sooooo good! and huge! 

What else am I doing with my time? Haha what time? This week we worked our tails off. Our numbers were outstanding. We taught like 40 lessons! I'm usually coming back home at the end of the day straight exhausted from testifying and walking.

I bore my testimony on Sunday. It was about how when we do the things we need to do and defend the truths we know to be true, we become an example and a light to the world and people around us. Like 10 of the contacts we made this week were people coming up to us and asking us who we are and what our purpose is. I like those contacts.

I felt all the love on my birthday and thank you!! :)

Anyways, Have a good week! This week should go by fast!

Love Elder Moss