Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, October 26th

Haha you and dad are now speaking Portuguese! maybe I'll write the message in Portuguese!

Então essa semana foi bom! O novo missionario que eu estou treinando se chama Elder De Almeida. Ele é de Pará, um outro estado aqui em brazil. 
ele ja serviu uma mission de corto prazo por 1 mes, mas ele ainda esta aprendendo. As vezes eu tenho que me relembrar de paciência. E tambem, nao da pra fazer todas as coisas nos precisamos fazer por que eu preciso fazer outras coisas que os Lideres de Zona falam pra mim. Eu estou gostando muito, mas eu acho que esse transferencia vai passar um pouco mais devagar. 

the google translate isn't going to explain very will because I used a lot of slang. 

This week was good! The new missionary that I'm training is called Elder de Almeida. He is from para! the same state as my other companion, Elder Portilho. He already served a part time mission for a month, but he is still learning a lot. some times I have to remind myself that I need to have more patience. Also, sometimes it doesn't work to do all of the things I need to do because I'm doing OTHER things the zone leaders ask me to do. I'm liking it alot, but I think this transfer will go by a little slower than the last. 

Its pretty good here in the city. I Think that next week I will have p day on Tuesday, because its ANOTHER holiday. Incredible. I don't like all these holidays on Mondays. Its the day of the dead. Everyone goes to the cemeteries and pay respect to all those that have died. So we know where we are going to be all day...

Love Elder Moss!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 14th

     This week was interesting. It was just mostly work. We met some cool people, but nobody went to church. We started our first official English class. There were about 55 people there. I am helping to teach the advanced class. It doesn't have that many, but we actually speak English so that's cool. On Monday, I wasn't able to get on the internet because it was national kids day. Its like a second Christmas here. We did about 200 contacts in one day. We were exhausted. 

 Yesterday we had our multi zone conference. It was really spiritual. Our mission is finally going in the right direction that I feel like it will progress. We have this new idea of literally talking to everyone we see about the gospel. 

Haha I laughed when I saw my baptism photos yesterday.

Love Elder Moss

(These are the 2 pictures that were sent to James' Mission at their request for baptismal photo's)
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Monday October 5th

Well This week went by VERY fast. We had things happening every day.
 Monday was p day

Tuesday was my first leadership counsel. It was good and very informal. I just didnt like the end of it when President started asking about what my numbers were for Sunday and Monday after p day. The numbers were really low, so haha I kind of was embarrased. Plus it was in front of all of the leaders on the mission. 

Wednesday was zone meeting in the morning, and I went on splits with one of the elders here in the district in the afternoon. We just worked a lot. It was good. 

Thursday was something else, but I forgot--haha so many things are happening.

Friday I went on splits with another missionary from the district. I helped him with new investigators. We met this guy that had received the missionaries for a long time, but he also said that he studied with Jehovah witness for 2 years, and with the 7th day Adventists. so we were going to teach about the restoration, but we ended up just talking about prophets. It was a very spiritual lesson. Its been a while since I had a lesson like that one. 

Saturday and Sunday were conference. They were so good. I personally liked the Saturday evening, and the first on Sunday the most.
 Mom, did you hear elder Hollands talk? If not, I would like you to listen to it, and watch it. It was one of my personal favorites. 

Love Elder Moss

We taught english to some kids this week and that was pretty cool!

and I reorganized space... I know my hair cut looks weird but I promise its just the way the light is shining off my hair.