Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 20th

This week was awesome! So Tuesday was my first district meeting. It went pretty smoothly.  After it, one of the assistants came up to me and he said that it was one of the best district meetings that he has had here in Brazil. 

We did this one contact with a woman on the street on Tuesday, went to talk to her on Friday. So we get there, and she told us that she had been looking for a church that most represents Jesus Christ. Well we start talking about the restoration, and I started to get nervous because she started asking questions and ended up telling us that she grew up Jehovah witness, and so we were kind of fighting that for a little bit.
 But she started crying when she was telling us about how hard her life is right now. She is unemployed, and is being kicked out of her house and she doesn't know where to turn. I offered a priesthood blessing, and she said she never let people put hands on her head because she is always scared that someone unworthy will give the blessing and something bad will enter her soul or something bad will happen. So we talked a little bit more, and when we had to leave, I asked if we could pray on our knees. She said yes, and after the prayer, she looks at us and says ´´ I think I want one of those blessings on the head´´ so I gave her the  blessing, and It was such a spiritual experience. When I finished, she was crying, and she said she wanted us to come back so that she could get to know the church.

Well I think Friday, I ran into a tree and hit my head pretty hard. and that was funny to everyone in our house for the next hew days. 

Saturday, my companion and I were chased by swans.... It was the weirdest but scariest experience in a while. I literally didn't know what was happening, because swans are NOT normal birds here. and it just started running at us with its neck stretched at us...

This week was just as great. I hope it stays like this. I just hope everything goes well for that investigator we have. She said that if she doesn't find a house or a job this week, she has to move to Sao Paulo. so keep her in your prayers. Her name is Kelly. 

There is a chance that I could be in the newspaper this next week for English classes for free by Americans. 

Love Elder Moss

About the Pictures:
1) picture of piracicaba from my area
2) the river! its actually full now!
3) the assistants to the prez. 
4) something that reminded me of Durham!
5) we taught abunch of kids about english! and they made poster for us. These are some of their teachers
6) a cool bridge

Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 14th

Yeah I remember testing on the trumpet for the first time. I felt so bad at it. But it helped to laugh at myself. haha that made other people laughing at me not so bad.
So this week was actually 100 times better than I thought it was going to be... It started off rough, but after like Wednesday or Thursday, it became awesome, because ´´everything is awesome when you're part of a team!´´ - JC and Robert (and dad) name that movie.

So I work like I have always worked. My area is complicated. Its tough.  We still have to do a ton of contacts every day and work a lot. The only new responsibilities that I have is that I have to call every companionship in my district a few times a day to see how their day is going. I also have to plan and conduct district meetings every Tuesday morning. This means I have to prepare trainings for the 10 Elders in my district. Which is what stressed me in the beginning, because my district has the assistants to the president, and 4 old zone leaders. So they already know basically everything I can have to offer. 

But what I learned this week is that I absolutely love all of the elders in my district. They are all awesome. The said that the district lacked union in the past, and I am realizing that my personality is truly fit for where I am right now.
 Anyways, I am happy where I am. I am excited for this week, and I have faith that we can do what we need to do when we are called by God.
Thats actually a pretty cool experience that I had this week. So in the middle of the week, I was stressing alot. Like it was hard for me to sleep. I knew if I were going to do this, I needed help. I prayed and asked God for that help. I knew and still know that if I want this help, I have to be worthy of it. I really have to try my hardest. I have seen God's hand in the last week helping me when I need help. I am starting to change a few wrong attitudes that I had at the beginning of the mission.
So Elder Portiliho, my old companion from Po├žos de Caldas, he was transferred like two months ago to Piracicaba, the 3rd ward. I didn't know this until this Sunday, but my ward and his ward used the same chapel! So I will be seeing him like every day until the end of his mission. He was a great companion.
That's basically what happened this week
Love Elder Moss