Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18th

This week was long, then it was going by fast.. then it went by slow again. I went on splits with the district leader, and I didn't like it. His area is horrible, because its so hilly, and I just didn't find myself enjoying it. My companion and I had two or three good days in the middle of the week, and then on Thursday, everyone in the district went to the area of some sisters to help them out with finding new investigators. Then Friday and Saturday  were slow... again...

Love Elder Moss

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th

So this week was interesting haha. It was the last week of transfers, and my companion thought he was going to leave, so we spent practically all week visiting members and investigators and spending a little more time with them. It was good, but I'm glad that this week wont repeat for another 6 weeks. 

At one of these houses, I was half asleep on a couch, and a cat decides to sit right beside me, and pee. I woke up immediately because of an unusual warm sensation on my back.... that was a first.. haha. I was peed on by a cat... one more reason not to like them. But it was okay because I was able to go to the bathroom and clean my shirt.

So I forgot to take pictures, but I made monkey bread for that family! the don't have canned biscuits here, so I had to make the dough out of hand, which was complicated, but it turned out really well. Like if you google monkey bread, the bread that I made looks like the pictures on google images. 

Wow she got my letter now? I sent it a long time ago. The mail here is slower than I thought. 

So I was thinking, and at the end of this transfer, I will only have a year left here in Brazil... time is flying!

My companion will be getting glasses this week, and I talked to them, and they said that I can bring my old glasses( my first pair, that I brought as backup) and for 40 reais they can put new lenses that are the same prescription as the glasses that I use now, which is about 12 dollars. I think I'm gonna do it haha. Its a pretty good deal. 

So my companion and I talked, and our goal for this transfer is 4 baptisms. Its a lot, but he told me that he knew he was gonna be transferred, and so he prayed and told God that if he lets him stay, he will baptize 4 (which is an unusually high number) and so now we are going to work a lot.

Anyways, I'm excited for Sunday!

Love Elder Moss