Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Monday, April 4th

So for a few days we were just doing contacts and teaching all of our lessons with 3 missionaries. Its a little harder because people are already a little shaky about letting two guys into their house, let a lone 3. Well we had a few lessons, but the best part of the week was definitely conference weekend. Because we had 6 investigators who went to conference.

The first was a family of 5. For the past few weeks we have been teaching them and they have been really progressing. Well they didn't go to the part that we thought they were going to, but they showed up for the second session on Saturday. They really liked the importance of the family and the talks about resolving doubts about the restoration. After the session, we went to the baptismal font and invited them to be baptized, and before I could even ask them, they said that they want to take that step! they accepted for this week, so on Saturday, we are going to baptize a family of 5!! I am so excited. 

The second investigator was a guy who is our age. He speaks English, and its really cool how we started teaching him. He said they day we met him, he has said a prayer to ask for guidance in his life and the day we went by his house was his birthday.. He is doing really well. The problem we will have with him will be his parents because they are really strong in another church, but it shouldn't be too bad. We have already taught them and talked to them enough and they really like us. 

We just had transfers, and I will stay with elder Arnson for one more (at least)!! We were one of the only companionships in the mission leadership that wasn't messed with. I'm so excited because I know that if we keep working like we did last transfer we will baptize so much!

Love Elder Moss

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