Wednesday, April 6, 2016

February 15th

This week was good. We didn't really have very many new investigators, but we had some good experiences with investigators that we already have. 

There's a girl named Fabiana. Shes 21 and we've been teaching her for 3 weeks now. When we first taught her, she didnt really want messages about Jesus. She didnt sound that interested, and we weren't going to return, but she said at the very end "I hope that my life will change because it needs to". We went back and stopped teaching, and just started talking to her about her life, what she wants to change, and this week she went to stake conference. She felt the spirit really strong and said after that she wanted to be baptized. Its been a while since I felt so happy about an  investigator. She has changed so much and is just a happier person. 

This week it was pretty hot, so I started using the sun screen again and I got some aloe vera for after. This week should be hot as well, but its getting better. Its been a little chilly in the mornings. 

Today I start my last 18 weeks. Three transfers left. Out of the 104 to start with, I have 18 weeks left. The time is going by so fast. I am happy to go home, but at the same time, I am sad to end the mission. It has been an experience that has changed absolutely who I am. Its hard to tell over email, but I have learned so much about people, the Gospel, and my own life. Im nervous for after the mission. I have 4 months left, but still.  Elder Portilho goes home next week and I'm talking to him so I have been kind of trunky. 

Love Elder Moss

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