Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 8th

Haha I saw all of the Panther shirts! I want one too! But I wouldn't use it until after the mission. Because they lost, they will probably be cheaper now.

We did end up celebrating my birthday! It was great! We went to A├žai on monday, and a member surprised me with a birthday cake on tuesday. I don't even remember telling her it was my birthday. So that meant a lot. I am really bad at getting photos to you guys. I will try to take some more and actually send them this week. 

The lunches here are complicated because The city is huge, and its divided in two parts: The center and the east side. The center is where I work and it has maybe 5 members. The east side has All of the members. The divide the lunches so we don't have to travel that far every day to eat lunch, but its complicated because few members are giving lunch every day. It stresses the members some times, and my companion kind of messed up last week with dis-marking a lunch that we should have gone to. So we are trying to fix things. But I'm still gaining weight. I am at like 65 kilos now! 

Tomorrow we have interviews with president. I'm excited because its my last interview with him before the final interview (the weekend I go home) and my zone is working so hard. This week, our small zone of 7 companionships have 10 baptisms promised and one possible. Its going to be huge because our goal for the entire month is 12. And this week is stake conference, so all of them will be baptized together in one big baptismal service. 

The only thing that we need to worry about with diseases is Dangue. Its still going strong but its dying down a little bit. I haven't gotten it yet, so I'm feeling less worried than others. 

Love Elder Moss

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