Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30th

Well, my first week at the MTC was great! it is so amazing here! the food is delicious, the people are so nice, and the city is huge! Sometimes we get to watch the sunset right outside of our window and it is absolutely gorgeous with Sao Pualo in the background. The first day we got here we met with the mtc president, then we went to our first classes. Completely in Portuguese. Total immersion. Out teachers only teach us in Portuguese during class, but when they need to tell us something outside of class, they will tell us in Portuguese and laugh at our blank stares, then proceed to tell us in English.
sorry for my horrible grammar and typing, I'm a little rushed as we only have 45 minutes to type once a week. i also can't send pictures until i get out into the field. The computers here aren't that modern.
My district is really cool. some people had more language training than me in high school in Spanish, and so they are picking the language up faster than me. I'm doing pretty well though if I do say so my self haha. I will sit at lunch and dinner with Brasileros and other Hispanics that know Portuguese and can keep a decent conversation, just talking about basic things, where we are from, our families, lives.
everyday in our classes we learn in between 30-40 words a day, several phrases, and conjugation. even though we have teachers in the afternoon and at night, it is very independent. I probably (am supposed to) study about 3-4 hours a day on my own. It also helps to have people that are better than me in my classes so I can as them about what to say and how to say it.
It is truly a blessing on how fast we are picking up the language. When we got here, we were told that we aren't learning a new language, but we are learning how to receive the gift of tongues.
I got the letter you sent to me yesterday!! WOW!! like 3 business days... I talked to some people around here and apparently that is some kind of record, so keep sending them! :)
I love all of you! I will make sure to send pictures when i get out into the field. Today we went to the temple and it was gorgeous. beautiful day! cold in the mornings, but mostly sunny! I'm so hungry but I keep looking forward to pizza night tonight.
Thank you for constant support, and  keep writing! :)))
Love, Elder moss
ps, my p day is on Wednesdays. Sorry for the confusion!

Friday, July 25, 2014

James' address at the MTC

James' mailing address while at the MTC:

Elder James Arlo Moss
Brazil Piracicaba Mission
Brazil Missionary Training Center
Rua Padre Antônio D'Ângelo, 121
Casa Verde
02516-040 São Paulo-SP

Here is his email too:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

James and his group

Displaying 2014 07 23 Gr 30 - Am.jpg
New Missionary Group

Arrival at the Sao Paulo MTC


Hey family!! (And friends!!)
We got to the MTC this morning, so they allowed us to email our families to let them know that we are safe. The plane ride wasnt too bad. When I got to detroit, I saw that there were 5 other missionaries, and 4 of them were going to Piracicaba as well.
On our way to the mtc from the airport, our van was pulled over by the policia and after a lot of talk in portuguese that I don't understand yet, they followed us to the MTC. I think they were making sure the van drivers weren't smuggling in illegal immigrants.
Anyways, we just showered and shaved, and we are about to go to orientation. I only get a half hour of email a week, but I am pretty good at typing so it shouldn't be too bad. There were some elders that got here when we did and they came from Provo. After only being in the mtc for a week they were able to minorly communicate with some natives.
Tonight its pizza night and I cannot wait for it!! The pizza here is all made from white sauce so it should be pretty good. Anyways, Ill make sure to send some pictures on Wednesday! I love you all!
Love Elder Moss

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On his way...

James would like to thank all the family and friends that have been so supportive of his decision to serve a mission.  He left today at 4:40. His first flight is to Detroit and then on to Sao Paulo.  He should arrive at 7:40 tomorrow morning.

 James asked me to share a link to a website that will deliver mail to missionaries while they are in the Missionary Training Center.  This service delivers to MTC's all over the world.   I believe the Provo MTC and some others are free. There is a nominal fee for Brazil, but missionaries get mail within days, not weeks.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Contact James

James would love it if you shot him an email or wrote him a letter!

His email address is:

James cannot receive any packages at the MTC, so please send all mail correspondence for the next 6 weeks to:   Elder James Arlo Moss
                           Brazil Piracicaba Mission
                           Av. Dr. Paulo de Morais, 555
                            2° Andar, Sala 25
                           13400-853 Piracicaba- SP, Brazil

Mail can take several weeks to arrive.