Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 1st

Thanks mom! We ate a little bit of cake last night, but today we will eat pizza. 

This week we worked a lot. 
I have pictures to send,but There not ready.Illsend themlater today. 

This week I saw a ferarri 430. It was beautiful. I kind yelled at it when It drove by, and it slowed down to a walking pace, then sped off.. That was a cool experience.

Then we saw it at a gas station and we talked to the owner for a little while. 

On Friday night, we went to the activity at the church which was a ´´iron rod.´´ People were blind folded, and we had ropes tied in the hallways that led to different rooms, which represented the different kingdoms. Then the 4 missionaries walked beside people whispering  in their ears convincing them to go to certain rooms (depending if you were a good angel or a bad one) That was actually pretty spiritual experience. 4 out of 20 people went to the celestial kingdom.

Its just been hot here. Really hot. No snow. But we have had some success with new investigators. We taught a few new people this week that seemed pretty interested. We will go back this next week to see how they are doing.

Love Elder Moss

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