Monday, June 29, 2015

June 22nd

I miss those long hikes and cliffs! I have a few long and hard walks of my own, but they are all up hill and on a road. 

So this week, the president challenged the entire mission. He said that all the people that have above a certain number of lessons, and indicator keys, will have a special lunch with him. So my companion and I worked... and worked.. and worked.. I am physically exhausted and practically dead, but we got those numbers.
 I was disappointed because the only thing we missed was the investigators in the church. We needed 8, and only one decided to go. That was hard, but it was good to work a lot. We learned some new techniques, and we talked to the zone leaders, and apparently my companion and I were some of the only ones that got even close to it. That felt good haha. Only one companionship actually got the goals. We were so close, but the investigators in the sacramental got us. We taught over 40 lessons.

I think this week (today) I am going to buy some indoor soccer shoes. we will see some prices and I will try out some pairs. 

But this week we will keep working our hardest.

 Elder Moss