Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22nd

Haha! Yeah scout camp could sound like fun just for a few days. 

Well, this week we had transfers and my companion left. My new companion will be Elder Arnson! I already know him from other zones. I'm excited because we are already pretty good friends. I'm pumped for this next transfer. 

This week was okay. We got a decent amount of contacts, and we taught a lot. We had a baptism marked for Sunday, and it was kind of washy all week and so we didn't have a definite answer to whether he would be baptized or not. He is 10 years old and his parents are going through some really rough times. His brother just got sentenced and is involved in a homicide of 2 people. That's hard on his mom especially. The baptism didn't end up happening because the mom backed out and said at the last minute that she doesn't want her kid to be baptized this weekend.  He wants to be baptized though, and this next week we will  work and talk to the family a little more.

Our 21 year old investigator, went to church again. We found out this week that she is having difficulties with cigarettes. We made goals for her to slow down to a point where she can stop, and its going pretty well! We invited her to church again, and she said she feels insecure because she doesn't have appropriate clothes for church. I told her not to worry, and that If she goes to church borrowing her aunt's clothes for just one more Sunday, God will see her effort and help her out. Well, in my head, we were going to talk to the relief society pres. and ask for help, maybe some pants and a dress or something.

 Well, we get to church, and a member her age comes up to her and gives her a little gift bag. At the end of church I ask her what was in it, and she said in kind of a laughing tone, a dress. That was a really cool experience for me and for her:   that sometimes we don't think we have the means to follow and keep a commandment. But God sees our effort and recompenses us when we do our part. 

Have a great week!
 Love Elder Moss

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