Monday, January 5, 2015

January 4th

This week we worked a reasonable amount.  I say reasonable because for some reason, no one really likes to work the last week of the transfer. But we worked, and had some investigators go to church that haven't been in a while. Tomorrow we are going to this building to mark a date for a family that we have to get married. A lot of families here in Brasil are ´´married´´ meaning that they just live together, They have rings and live together, but not many people in this town are legally married. So one family that we are teaching will get married here in the next month, and they already want to be baptized. We will make their baptism for the next Saturday after their marriage. 

Another investigator said that she really liked out church a lot, and was a place where she really felt the true spirit of the lord. We invited her to be baptized this Saturday, and she asked if she could be baptized on Sunday instead so all of the people she is getting to know at church will already be there! haha So that's fun. 

So I'm talking to my other friend who lives in our house, Elder Patterson. He was in my district in the CTM.  One thing I would like to do this transfer is learn to use the bible a lot and get to know the restored gospel using the bible. Elder Patterson said something on new years eve which made me really rethink of how I will use this next year to learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He said ´´This year I'm not going to ask why, I'm going to study it´´ I'm already starting to do this, and I'm really enjoying it.

Not much else is happening, but we have some pretty good investigators, and some families to contact that I have hope for. 

I will look out for your boxes and letters the next few weeks. Normally we get everything within the next few days after a transfer, but with only two people leaving our zone, I don't know if we will get our boxes until the next multi- zone conference, which is in the middle of this month. 

Thanks for everything! 

Love Elder Moss

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