Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22nd

To answer your questions, the Christmas party was awesome! It was super spiritual and it really opened my eyes on how God must have felt to send his Son to suffer for all of us. I always thought, well, he's God. He understands that we needed him, but I never really thought if God wanted to. He sent is Son to die, and be the redeemer for all of us.
 Our theme this Christmas is ´´what we are going to give god for Christmas?´´ Sometime this week we are going to make a list of weaknesses that we have and attributes that we want to gain. That will be our gift to God this Christmas. 

I did see my previous companion! He is doing well. His life is kind of a race right now because he is one of the assistants to the president now. Haha everyone jokes that my future is sealed on the mission, becuase my trainer is an assistant to the prez, His trainer was an assistant to the prez, and another american that my trainer trained before me, ´´my brother´´ on the mission, is one of the exectutive secretaries. haha My furture is sealed.

Things are still fantastic with my house mates. there was an emergency transfer this week, and almost every single companionship in our zone was mixed up. Mine and one other stayed the same. We are getting a new missionary in our house today, and so I hope everything stays calm.

So I only got two letters, Yours with the bank card, and sister Austin.  I am getting a package tonight because today is my companions birthday, and the same counselor, president Caravalho is coming again to take us out to dinner. 

Just to give a hint, I know its  too late for the packages now, but always say that the total value of the packages is under 50$ because if its over, I have to go to the post office here and pay to pick it up. I've heard of some boxes and packages costing like 200 or 300 reals JUST to pick it up, not counting what it cost to send it. so no matter what you send, write that the value is under 50 dollars. 

We worked a ton this week and came across two families that are very receptive and just awesome! 

Love Elder Moss
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