Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 22nd

The conference sounds awesome! Elder Soares is Jordan Kendall's uncle!
This week was sooo good!
To start off, I got a new companion. his name is elder Augusto, (his first name is Caesar) and he is from Sao Paulo. He has been out for 1 year and 5 months, and he is so cool. He's the bomb. Maybe not all that, but I'm so excited to be companions with him, because we have a lot of the same views and perspectives about the gospel, he loves to talk, and he is fun to be around. It was awesome this week. 

I'm a lot happier now and seeing a lot more potential in my efficiency as a missionary. I'm learning so much and trusting the spirit a lot with what we teach and what I say. 

This week we will be working a lot, and learning too. Its kind of funny because we were trained by the same missionary, so we have funny stores and we just start talking all the time.

I hope this next week is as good  as this last week was, and I hope Robert gets better! Try to stay warm in  the cold weather!

Love Elder Moss

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