Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 2nd

This week was not nearly as productive as the past few weeks. A lot of our appointments fell through. I'm honestly becoming much more stressed out with the families and people we are teaching because we are literally trying everything, and teaching with the spirit, but its not enough apparently.
But, all in all, I am happier. I am happier wiht my companion, with the weather, and with our teaching. I wish we had better luck, and knew what to do when appointments fall through, but its all a learning experience.

I don't have a lot of other news, except for the fact that we had a baptism!! After a stressful week, we had a baptism. Its interesting because when I'm frustrated in the street, or with other investigators, and I go and teach someone and they can feel the spirit, I become happy, forgetting all of the other things that frustrate me.

I will send photos!

Love, Elder Moss

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