Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 15th

This week I taught more lessons on my mission than I ever had, 40! We taught 40 lessons this week. Our numbers were really good. 
 Well we did get our transfer, and I will be staying in the same area, bu my companion was transferred to be a district leader in some other zone, and I am staying as a junior companion to someone else that was trained by the same missionary that trained me. I know him a little and he is really cool and enthusiastic, so I really hope that this transfer is fun and awesome.

Sorry I'm emailing so late, this week is carnival (which is absolutely grotesque) and so the only  internet cafe in the city was closed. Our last resort was using the only computer in the secretaries office, and unfortunately I'm the last person to use it. haha I got the short straw. 

Thanks for the positive thinking grammy!

 Elder Moss

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