Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th

So tomorrow we have the Mission Christmas conference in piracicaba, and I will get letters and packages then! 

Haha The Christmas card looks awesome! I love the Bart and Millie appearances. 

This week we worked harder than ever. I was remembering what Elder Holland said in the ctm ´´you should work so hard that you return to your house, and practically faint because you have no energy left.´´

Well that was me this week. We had so much success with our meetings and appointments not falling through this week. On Friday morning, we did the juice at the hospital service again, and Saturday  we went to the super market and passed out Christmas presents! We wrapped Book of Mormons and copies of the church's christmas dvd: Joy to the World.
We made it into a ward activity, and so a bunch of the youth helped out. Elder Alves and I made like 78 contacts, and all together we made like 250 contacts. It was really cool. People were really receptive, especially when they asked how much does it cost, and we said free! Some people made me laugh because we would give them the present, and explain about our purpose as missionaries and how we have a message about the real meaning of Christmas, and then people would stop smiling and give us the present back and say ´´oh.. your from the church....´´ Haha I thought it was pretty funny.

Anyways, we had the Christmas party for our ward, and I was hit with homesickness because people don't decorate their houses here like in the US. And the church was decorated like crazy!!! Man it was good. There was a lot of food, so that helped the homesickness haha.

I hope that this next week is just as good as this week! I can definitely see how people are much more receptive to talk about Jesus around Christmas time. Its great. Now we just need to turn them into baptisms. That's the hard part because all we have control of is making contacts. Everything else we do as missionaries depends on other people...

Anyways, I hope you all have a good week too! Make sure to eat enough cookies for me!

Love Elder Moss

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