Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st

This past week has been nice with overcast skies. It rained more than usual, and so i have used my umbrella for the first time ever!   But when it rains, it always manages to start right when we leave the house and stop when we get to our the house... its getting kind of annoying. 

We had interviews with the president on Thursday, and all is good :)!! It was a happy thanksgiving because I got a ton of letters from friends and family! Some from friends on missions too! 

We worked a ton this week.,, but we did mark 2 more people to be baptized in two weeks! We keep getting references which is awesome, and the members really like to work with the missionaries!

So for service, this week I will start teaching an English class to members, investigators, and just anyone who wants to learn! I am pretty nervous, but I would rather do this and get like 20 -30 contacts in an hour instead of knocking on doors all day haha. 

I have pictures that don't want to send, but for service two weeks ago we cut someones grass! That was a blast form the past. The other missionaries were slow, and there was only one weed wacker that was a plug in... electric. that was fun too. But i ended up doing most to all of it. It took about 3 hours, but it was fun because It was different than walking and teaching lessons. That stuff is fun too, but sometimes a change is fun. 

Anyways, have an awesome week! 

and congrats emily !!

I love you all :) 
Love Elder Moss

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