Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Monday October 5th

Well This week went by VERY fast. We had things happening every day.
 Monday was p day

Tuesday was my first leadership counsel. It was good and very informal. I just didnt like the end of it when President started asking about what my numbers were for Sunday and Monday after p day. The numbers were really low, so haha I kind of was embarrased. Plus it was in front of all of the leaders on the mission. 

Wednesday was zone meeting in the morning, and I went on splits with one of the elders here in the district in the afternoon. We just worked a lot. It was good. 

Thursday was something else, but I forgot--haha so many things are happening.

Friday I went on splits with another missionary from the district. I helped him with new investigators. We met this guy that had received the missionaries for a long time, but he also said that he studied with Jehovah witness for 2 years, and with the 7th day Adventists. so we were going to teach about the restoration, but we ended up just talking about prophets. It was a very spiritual lesson. Its been a while since I had a lesson like that one. 

Saturday and Sunday were conference. They were so good. I personally liked the Saturday evening, and the first on Sunday the most.
 Mom, did you hear elder Hollands talk? If not, I would like you to listen to it, and watch it. It was one of my personal favorites. 

Love Elder Moss

We taught english to some kids this week and that was pretty cool!

and I reorganized space... I know my hair cut looks weird but I promise its just the way the light is shining off my hair.

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