Friday, April 3, 2015

March 30th

I will be watching general conference in the other ward here in the city, and hopefully in English. 

This week was full of emotion, in a good way! It was the first week that I worked a full week with my new companion, Elder Portilho. He is Brazilian, which means that I have been blessed to have all of my companions be Brazilian. They all have different accents, which makes it good to get to know Portuguese better and more intimately. 

So on P day, we went to this nature park called Fonte das amores, or the fountain of lovers. The only reason we went is because we heard that there are wild monkeys that come down from the mountain to mooch off of tourists with bananas. So we got there with tons of bananas, and immediately started feeding them! It was so cool! they slowly get really close to you, and take the pieces of banana out of your hand. So that was really cool.

Then on Tuesday, we went to a family who my companion baptized a couple of weeks back, and we were talking to the older brother, who wasn't baptized and didn't want to be baptized. We had some serious and spiritual talks to him and the family, and he said he wanted to be baptized this weekend! So we worked with them this entire week, He was baptized on Sunday after church! And we were working with some of his friends and girlfriend, and we are going to baptize His best friend in between general conference sessions. The only thing with that is that we have to do is talk to his grandpa because his grandpa wants him to be baptized into his church, but we are going to talk to him this week. I hope he listens. We will be also working with the girlfriend and her mom. Their problem is that they hear a lot of stuff that talks junk about the church. 

This new area is extremely hilly! I mean I love it because it is beautiful and is cooler in temperature, but I'm finding my self just physically exhausted at the end of every day. Its so hard to wake up on time because it feels like 8 hours of sleeping doesn't recharge my muscles enough. But my area is the area close to the house. the other area for the other companionship is 1.5 hours walking, just to get to the area. Their furthest neighborhood is 3-4 hours walking from our house, and just as far a way from the church, which makes it hard to get investigators to come to church. They have a lot more hills, too. 

Other than that, this is my week! I hope you guys have an awesome time at the outer banks, and make sure to send me tons of photos!

Love Elder Moss

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