Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17th

Last p day, we were buying lunch, and were almost positive we weren't going to be involved in the emergency transfer, but the secretaries called and now I have a new companion. Not because he was transferred, but because I was. haha He was kind of really mad with that because he has being looking forward to being transferred for a while. And less than two transfers in, I get transferred. 

My new companion is Elder Alves, and he is from Brasil too. My area is called Guanabara (that's the name of the ward) and my town is called Monte Mor. The town is pretty big, so we share a house with two other missionaries. They are really cool too. Our house is pretty new. One of the other elders is from Uruguay. and he is proud of it. haha So basically I am in a house where no one speaks English, and I have to rely on my Portuguese for EVERYTHING. Its a little harder, but A lot easier than i expected. 

The temperature is a little cooler than my last area, which is good because summer is about to start. My companion is obedient to the T with mission rules, and sometimes its annoying, but I feel the spirit a lot more in our lessons, and am just happier in general here. Its strange because He has the same time on his mission as me, and we are companions. Usually you are being trained for the first 12 weeks by a much more experienced missionary, but Right now neither of us have finished being trained and our mission President put us together as companions. That's a lot of trust between us. But its paying off because our investigators are GOLDEN. We have like 3 familys, and people that actually read the scriptures, go to church, and are making a change in their lives for the better. Its a really incredible experience when you go to the same house two times in a week and feel the spirit stronger the second time because the investigator has read the chapter we left, or has done their part. 

I forgot to tell you something... I SAW A TOUCAN!  Its true! Last week right before I was transferred, I saw a toucan flying. It was flippen sweet.

We have a baptism this Saturday too! I know that we are being blessed more and more the more we obey the rules of the mission and are obedient. Yeah we don't agree on absolutely everything, bu I love this new area I am in. I'm just all around happier.

So Bençaos :)

Love Elder Moss

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