Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th

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this first picture is our zone. It will change a little bit this week after transfers, but not by much. 

I am going to miss fall! But not cutting grass so much haha. Its the opposite here, and so it is only getting hotter. I'd say its like the mid 90s everyday. The weather is weird here, because some days it will be so humid, and I will take two steps out side and immediately be drenched in sweat. Other times I will walk for miles without sweating that much because it is so dry. but none the less, we walk A LOT. 

So this week we didn't do a lot, mainly just cleaning the house and preparing for transfers. It was really funny because my companion has been in this city since may and he wants to leave. Hes just tired of the area. So he started packing his bags all last week in anticipation for transfers. We got transfers last night, and...... We are both staying here for another 6 weeks!! I started laughing so hard when I saw his face after we heard the news. All 6 of the missionaries in our city are going to stay for another 6 weeks. I don't know how I feel about that, but I already talked to my companion and we both agreed that we are going to work really hard this transfer. This transfer was kind of long, but he said the time only goes by faster, and you only get happier as the weeks go on. He said the first transfer is definitely the worse.
Love Elder moss!!

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this picture is the city where I serve. This is pirassinunga :) its kind of muggy though. It wasn't a good picture taking opportunity. I had better, but this is the best picture that I got. And the little VW in the picture is everywhere. Everyone has this car. Its crazy. 

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