Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th

So My new companion is named Elder Friedrich and he is from Sao Paulo! He talks really fast and it was hard to understand him at first. Now I'm doing okay. My first area is a place called Pirassinunga. It's a small town of about 80,000 people. I am in the center of the city where all the shopping and good places to eat are. We split the area with another companionship, and they are awesome. All the missionaries here are awesome. Most the two companions we share the area with speak English, and so I get a lot of help from them.
The ward is average/small. much smaller than d2. The members feed us everyday for lunch, almoƧo, and sometimes for a snack at night.
The food is a lot better than I thought it would be. It's pretty cheap too.
I am having an okay time with the language. It's hard, but I am learning. I read an article in the Leahona for this month and it talked about how if you have patient persistence, anything is possible with the Lords help -- so that's what I'm doing. I'm studying everyday, talking in Portuguese as much as I can, and I am trying to be patient with it.
There are stray dogs everywhere!! Its kind of scary because they just walk past you and kind of look at you strange. Everyone here has a dog, and they make ALOT of noise when you walk by. I still get startled by a giant dog barking at me, and the only thing between us is 4 inches and a fence.
I think about home a lot. This city has the same climate, and same character as Durham so its not as hard as it could be.
I love and miss all of you !!
love, elder moss

I asked James if there was anything he needed.  The message below is his response. I'm sure he'd love an easy recipe from a friend or family member:

and anything you could send... maybe a simple recipe for brownies and or chocolate chip cookies. all of the desserts here are jello and liquid and cold. I like them, but sometimes I really miss cookies and brownies.

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