Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6th

Life is cool here. It's a little chilly at night, and really hot during the day. So on p day, we go to the temple, then we email family and friends, and we also get to just walk around sao paulo (within the boundaries) and it is soo cool! you can get anything and everything for half the price of its american equal. Drivers here are ridiculous though. Its scary just crossing the street. Cars don't stop. buses don't use their breaks, and motorcycles just drive where ever they please.
We get a new companion today in our district, which means that I will only have one! because we had an odd amount of people, I have had two, which is harder because I have to follow two people around instead of just one.
Anyways, I wrote letters today and I will send them out in a few hours. I will reply to any letters I get in the mail! I figure if someone is taking time to write to me and think about me, I can do the same :)
Keep me updated on the puppies!!!
I am excited to eat dinner tonight, because the same with every Wednesday, its Pizza night!!!!!
Love Elder Moss

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