Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Arrival at the Sao Paulo MTC


Hey family!! (And friends!!)
We got to the MTC this morning, so they allowed us to email our families to let them know that we are safe. The plane ride wasnt too bad. When I got to detroit, I saw that there were 5 other missionaries, and 4 of them were going to Piracicaba as well.
On our way to the mtc from the airport, our van was pulled over by the policia and after a lot of talk in portuguese that I don't understand yet, they followed us to the MTC. I think they were making sure the van drivers weren't smuggling in illegal immigrants.
Anyways, we just showered and shaved, and we are about to go to orientation. I only get a half hour of email a week, but I am pretty good at typing so it shouldn't be too bad. There were some elders that got here when we did and they came from Provo. After only being in the mtc for a week they were able to minorly communicate with some natives.
Tonight its pizza night and I cannot wait for it!! The pizza here is all made from white sauce so it should be pretty good. Anyways, Ill make sure to send some pictures on Wednesday! I love you all!
Love Elder Moss

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